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Provisional Patent Applications: What You Need To Know, Part 24

How Do You File A PCT Application Or A National Stage Application?

  • You can hire a patent attorney to files these for you, OR
  • If you are the application owner, then you can file them yourself.

Due to the complexity of patent law, I highly encourage you to hire a U.S. patent attorney or U.S. patent agent to draft and file your PCT application or U.S. National Stage Application for you.

While I cannot guarantee that my services are a good fit for your needs, why not call me to see if I can bring some value to what you are doing?

READY TO TALK? Call me direct at 832-621-0353 or email me to schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

If you decide to file yourself, you can learn more by visiting PCT or National Stage Applications.

How Much Does It Cost To File A PCT Application?

  • The cost of filing a PCT application depends on many factors including who drafts and files your PCT application, on the size of your business, and on the particulars of the PCT application itself.

PCT Filing Fees: PCT application filing fees are complex and mostly depend on the size of your business (entity) and who which organization performs the search.

A good, general estimate is:

  • $4,000 for large entities (generally over 500 employees),
  • $2,000 for small entities (generally less than 500 employees), or
  • $1,000 for micro entities (generally university related, non-profit, or where each inventor has filed less than 4 patent applications).

Click here for a list of current PCT application fees.

U.S. Patent Attorney Service Fees: Generally, the cost of having a U.S. patent attorney prepare and file your PCT application is listed separately from the USPTO fees. According to the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) 2015 annual survey, the service fee for having a U.S. patent attorney prepare and file a PCT application ranges from $8,000 to about $15,000, depending on the patent attorney and the technical field of the invention. Generally, larger law firms change more. Generally, electronic, chemical, and biotech inventions are more complex and cost more to prepare.

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