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Provisional Patent Applications: What You Need To Know, Part 6

How Much Does A Provisional Patent Application Cost?

The answer to this question mostly depends who drafts and files your provisional patent application as well as the size of your business.

Governmental Fees: The USPTO governmental fees for filing a provisional patent application are:

  • $260 for a large entity (generally a business with more than 500 employees),
  • $130 for a small entity (generally less than 500 employees),
  • $65 for a micro entity (generally university related, non-for-profit, or no inventors had filed 4 or more patent applications).

USPTO fees change over time. These were current on July 14, 2016.

Patent Attorney Fees: According to the 2015 AIPLA annual survey, the service fees for having professional U.S. patent attorney or U.S. patent agent prepare your provisional patent application average from $2,000 to $6,000, depending greatly on the patent attorney you choose. Typically, biotech, chemical, and electronic patent applications cost more to draft.

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