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We Work To Help You Turn Your Names & Logos Into Assets.

Diagram showing how protecting your name with registration provides security

Questions You May Have About Trademarks

Who Needs It?

Any Business Who Wants Quality Associated With The Name of Their Business, Product, or Service.


Before You Sell It Or Invest Over $5,000 In Sales and Marketing.

How It Works?

Trademark = Monopoly In Your Field Over Your Name, Logo, & Marks.

What Happens If You Don’t?

You Waste Money Advertising a Name You Don’t Own; People Steal Your Sales by Imitating Your Products and Services; and Then They Ruin Your Reputation.

We Have Helped Clients In These Situations. Do You Need Something Similar?

Protect Your Name and Add Value to Your Business
(Filing Trademark Applications)

  • Your business has operating under a business name and logo for years.
  • You realize that Intellectual Property accounts for up to 85% of the value of your business.
  • We work to help you register trademarks for your business name, your product names, and your logos, which can turn those names into valuable assets for your business.

Getting Ready To Launch Your Business
(Intent To Use Trademark Registration)

  • You think of a business name, product name, logo, or icon that practically sells itself.
  • We can gather the necessary information to file a trademark application based on your intent to sell.
  • We work to protect your names and marks before you disclose them to everyone.

Preparing to Grow
(Trademark Freedom-To-Operate)

  • You want to sell a product or service under a name or logo. Before investing money in marketing and sales, you want to know if it’s safe to protect or use these names and logos.We work to help you find out if you can protect or even use these marks without getting sued.
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