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If You Want To Avoid Getting Sued, Start Reading Here

Imagine starting your own business. It starts with a vision for how you are going to make money and change the world. At first, no one takes you seriously. But you are passionate, and you’ve got a great idea. You start by convincing your family and friends to loan you money or invest in your business.

Then you apply for grants and develop your non-confidential pitch deck. It’s tough trying to raise the money, but eventually, you hit your number and can afford to work full time for your business.

YOU ARE ALL IN. Things are finally going your way.

Now, imagine getting a letter in the mail one day. The letter alleges that your company is infringing someone else’s patent. It might be a “cease and desist letter” or a complaint naming you as a defendant.

Chances are, your business is dead. The average cost of litigating a patent is over $100,000 per month. Even challenging the patent in a post-grant proceeding typically costs $250,000. If you don’t have that kind of money, you can’t even afford to defend yourself.

Now you have to suffer the public humiliation of telling your family, friends, and investors that your business is in bankruptcy. Oh, and you may have to tell them that you lost all of the money they invested in your business. And you have to go back to working for someone else. All because of a patent that you didn’t know about or you didn’t think was a threat.

You can avoid all of this.

I work to help you avoid accidentally infringing someone’s patent. As a patent attorney, I have hands-on experience providing patent freedom to operate analysis to startups. If you’re early stage, I can work with you by just examining the threatening patents and patent applications that you find. When you raise some funding, we can search and analyze the patents of every country that you want to make or sell your product or service in. I can also work to help you design around any threatening patents we find.

Why risk losing everything? Call me today at 832-621-0353 for a FREE, no-obligation consultation. Call me before it’s too late to save your business.

If You Want To Patent Your Invention, Start Reading Here.

The next time that you think about your invention and the money that you plan to make with it, this about this: I have met business owners who told me that they were happily attending to business when they saw a product on the market that was almost EXACTLY like theirs. Imagine the shock on their faces when these business owners consulted with their patent attorney only to find out that this competitor changed one little thing and designed around a patent they paid thousands of dollars for! Yes, your competitor is eating your market share with an innovation they stole from you!

You invested time, money, and hard work coming up with an invention that you could build a business on. They didn’t spend any money on research. They didn’t risk everything leaving a safe job. They didn’t convince investors to believe in their vision. You earned your success, and they are stealing it right out from under your nose.

It’s not fair, but it is exactly what happens when you hire a patent attorney who is more interested in lining his own pockets than drafting a patent that will protect your invention and your profits. I know because I have been on both sides.

I have helped large corporations design around the poorly written patents of startups. I have also had to tell startups that the overpriced patent they got from a fancy downtown law firm wasn’t worth the paper it was written on. As soon as these large law firms realize that you can’t tell a good patent from a bad one, they know they can slop something out quickly and pocket the difference.

You’ll always have to defend your business against ruthless competitors. Should you have to defend business against a lazy, greedy patent attorney?

As a Houston patent attorney running a virtual patent law firm, I cut over 50% of the overhead. I started this business so that I can afford to spend MORE TIME applying my over seven years of patent law experience to drafting your patent application. I can take the time to work with your business and your inventors to draft patent applications that will actually protect your invention and your profits. I cannot promise you that the patent application that we draft will protect your invention or even issue as a patent. However, I can promise you that I will personally work with you to draft the best patent application that I can.

Why risk having your invention stolen? Why get a patent from a large law firm that doesn’t care about you or your business?

Call me today at 832-621-0353 for a FREE, no-obligation consultation. Call me before it’s too late to protect your invention and your profits.

To Save Your Patent Application, Start Reading Here.

A client transferred a patent application to me that was written by another firm. I asked why they were unhappy with the service they had been getting from such a large, well-known law firm. They said the costs were getting out of hand. Plus, their technology was valuable and innovative so they couldn’t understand why they hadn’t gotten a patent yet.

That didn’t surprise me. Runaway bills and bad customer service are rampant in patent law. But when I looked at the file, I couldn’t believe my eyes! This was their 10th office action!

Something was clearly wrong. Most clients hit the panic button at four or five office actions, as they should. What was going on here? I read the application and the claims. They seemed fine. Then I started to read the reference that was cited in the prior art rejections.

What I saw left me stunned!

The reference was verbatim identical to the patent application. I mean cut and paste. The previous patent attorney should have caught this in minutes and warned the client that they were wasting their money. Apparently, they didn’t. It cost the client an additional 4 or 5 office actions, which probably added at least $10,000 in attorney service fees.

You might think that this is an isolated incident, but I have personally seen this EXACT issue over half a dozen times. Worse, I have lost track of how many badly written patent applications that I have seen.

Once some large law firm patent attorneys realize that you can’t tell good patent application from a bad one, they are free to quickly slop out a badly written patent application and pocket the savings. If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s much harder to get a patent issued from a poorly written patent application. At best, you end up paying the patent attorney much more to get your patent application allowed.

The result is usually the same. You get stuck with high bills and weak patents while some big law patent attorney laughs at you all the way to the bank.

Chances are you hired your patent attorney to protect you from ruthless competitors and careless examiners. But who will protect you from the greed and laziness of a big law firm patent attorney?

How would you like to hire an experienced patent attorney without paying for a fancy office? As a Houston patent attorney running a virtual patent law firm, I cut over 50% of the overhead. I can afford to spend MORE TIME applying MORE EXPERIENCE to rescue your patent application. I cannot guarantee a result, but here is what I can do for you:

  • I will read your patent application and its file history.
  • Then I will use my over seven years of patent law experience to draft the best claims and arguments that I can based on your patent application.
  • I can even call the examiner for an interview to determine the strategy that is most likely to get your patent application issued as a patent.
  • I will always talk to you in plain English and give you practical strategic advice so that you can make informed business decisions.

Can you risk your patent application never getting issued? Can you afford to throw away good money?

Call me today at 832-621-0353 for a FREE, no-obligation consultation. Call me before it’s too late to protect your invention, your budget, and your profits.

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