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Childs Law is a small patent law firm that focuses on providing experienced patent law services and customer satisfaction.

The Problem: Navigating Patent Law is Critical to the Success of Any Innovative Business.

Large law firms are Billing Machines that focus more on sending bills than adding value. Their patent legal services are designed to handle high-volume, routine patent preparation and prosecution for large corporations. They are not set up to handle businesses that only file 1-5 patent applications per year. Even for large corporations, they are not set up to handle important patent applications or time-consuming prosecution problems – without sending a VERY large bill.

The result is that clients get overbilled, underserved, or both.

The Solution: As a Houston patent attorney running a virtual patent law firm, I cut over 50% of the overhead. Plus, I have a Ph.D. in chemistry and over seven years of hands-on experience helping clients get patents and avoid getting sued for patent infringement.

LOW OVERHEAD + 7 YEARS OF PATENT LAW EXPERIENCE = patent law services that are customized to fit your needs.

I can spend MORE TIME and apply MORE EXPERIENCE working to help you:

  • Draft patent applications that protect your invention and your profits;
  • Rescue patent applications that are running into trouble; and
  • Get patent freedom to operate opinions that help you minimize the risk of being sued into bankruptcy for patent infringement.

I work to help you save time, money, and frustration by providing:

  • Flat fees and do-not-exceed estimates,
  • Promptly returning your phone calls and emails,
  • Plain-spoken advice.

Customized Services from an Experienced Patent Attorney OR Cookie Cutter Services from a Large Law Firm?

While I don’t know if my services are a good fit for your unique situation, why don’t you contact me to see if I can bring some value to what you are doing? Call me direct at 832-621-0353 or email me to Schedule a FREE Consultation.

When You Shouldn’t Choose Us

Finding a good attorney is not about finding the best attorney; it’s about finding the best attorney for your needs. You should not choose Childs Law if:

  • You need legal services other than patent law;
  • You need a plant patent or a design patent;
  • You need patent litigation, inter parties post-grant proceedings, or patent license negotiation;
  • You are looking for the lowest price;
  • You are looking for the quickest turn around; or
  • You need someone to pay patent maintenance fees
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